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Are your projects staying on schedule?

Easy Insight provides the tools to quickly perform ClickUp reporting. Upon connecting Easy Insight to ClickUp, a prebuilt dashboard gives you a variety of reports to help you understand report allocation and work capacity, track on time performance and capture the common patterns causing projects to fall behind. Click on charts or table cells to jump into the specific tasks behind the charts, and click from there right back into the actual ClickUp tasks themselves.

Easily create custom reports to answer questions

Create custom ClickUp reports in a matter of clicks, adding any field you need from your ClickUp data into grids, pivot tables, charts, and more. Take advantage of tree reports to drill down from projects into lists into tasks. Apply filters to refine data to only show certain date ranges, certain assignees, or all projects containing a certain keyword in their name. Use trend reports to understand the changes in performance over time.

Export your dashboards and reports into a variety of formats

Export your ClickUp dashboards into Excel, PDF, PNG, or your Slack channel. Schedule your list of overdue tasks to be emailed out every day at 7 am to your team, automatically filtered down to send each team member his or her own tasks. Publish a chart showing open tasks by tag to your Slack channel every Monday.

Combine your ClickUp data with more systems

Create dashboards that consolidate your ClickUp data with your support system to get a comprehensive view per client. Create reports calculating custom values between your ClickUp data and your invoicing system. Merge in Excel or Google spreadsheets to extend your ClickUp data with the information you need to automatically create reports, instead of laboriously creating manual Excel sheets every week.