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Advantage is a leading developer of customizable business apps in the #1 Online Database (Cloud Platform) QuickBase by Intuit. Advantage apps improve business performance by increasing team productivity, improving workflows and workgroup collaboration. App examples include CRM, Project Management, and Asset Tracking of all kinds.

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Advantenon sells and customizes commercial-grade sales analytics mini-apps that allow sales executives to have single-purpose analytics and reports. Unlike spreadsheets, BI tools, CRMs and one-off micro apps, Advantenon delivers—in just days—small, highly focused interactive sales analytics applications that are built on a common set of integrated data sources so they all work together, but can be implemented one-by-one.

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Cazoomi Technology is an interactive platform which allows you to control your own SaaS on-boarding. Our technology platform focused on Software-as-a-Service uses this approach to enable our members to control their own business technology life cycles: Our self-service Build & Quote platform enables an environment where the people, software, and methods are exclusively driven by choice.

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SnapLogic’s unique, modular, DataFlow architecture based on RESTful methods and a consistent access pattern provides the ideal, lightweight solution to today’s exponentially increasing requirements for data integration and data services across the enterprise, SaaS, the Web and Social Media – SnapLogic’s four primary use cases.