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30 Day Free Trial on All Accounts

Hundreds of businesses are making better business decisions because of Easy Insight right now. Start building better reports and analyzing data yourself! No credit card is required for your 30 day free trial.

Easy Insight offers two types of accounts to ensure that you're able to get an affordable solution tailored to your needs:


Looking for reporting on data from a couple of your SaaS systems? The Team package is designed to help you with this use case.

$50 / month
Base Price

Your Easy Insight Team account starts off at $50 / month. This account includes one Designer user to create reports and dashboards, unlimited users for viewing reports, two connections to small business SaaS systems, and 50 MB of custom data storage.

$15 / month
Additional Designer

Designer users are capable of creating reports and dashboards. Each additional Designer license costs $15 / month. There's no restriction on the number of users who can view or receive reports.

$15 / month
Additional Connection

Two small business SaaS connections are included with your base account. Additional connections are $15 / month each.


Need more custom data? Have more users? The Enterprise package is designed to provide a low total cost of ownership while scaling to meet your needs up to terabytes of data and thousands of users.